4 Smart Tricks to Master the Art of Power Dressing

Power Dressing
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Thriving in the show business world, an individual’s workwear style speaks a lot about his/her personality. We all have experienced this phenomenon wherein subconsciously or consciously, we judge people based on their fashion sense. Thus, being presentable is the need of the hour, specifically when it comes to your work wear fashion.

The way you dress at work radiates your confidence and power. Perhaps, that’s one of the reasons why your work fashion is also known as power dressing.

New to the concept of power dressing? Well, power dressing is a subtle art of radiating strong and powerful personality through the medium of your clothes.

Wondering how to leverage power dressing for a powerful persona? Have a look at our smart tricks to ace the art of power dressing!

Get Well-fitted Clothes: Oversize pants or ill-fitted shirts are a strict no for workwear. Either try to buy a perfect fit or get the clothes customed tailored to get the basics right of power dressing. Well-fitted clothes often boost your self-confidence, making you look confident and ready to take charge.

Invest in Good Blazers: When it comes to workrooms, blazers are the quintessential elements of power dressing. Thus, to stay at the top of the game, make sure that you invest in classy blazers. If you have got budget constraints then try to opt for a classic blazer piece that goes well with a majority of dresses and shirts in your wardrobe.

Power Colours & Fabrics: To get the classy boss look, opt for power colours like pastels, greys, blues and black. These colors radiate a powerful look with a confident personality. Similarly, in the case of fabrics, opt for rich fabrics that not just look good but feel good as well. 

Practice the minimalist principle: Instead of jazzing up with too many accessories and bold makeup, focus on incorporating the minimalist principle in your workwear fashion. After all, a subtle yet powerful work persona look is what we all aspire to attain. But, if needed, you can pair just a single statement accessory or a bold lipstick with your minimalist look.

Statement Footwear: An elegant pair of heels/shoes is a must for your boardroom style as it enhances your overall look. Alternatively, stay away from shimmery or sub-standard quality footwear as they are sure to ruin your entire look. Likewise, take good care of your footwear by polishing them periodically to avoid the dull look.

Although not all but the above-mentioned basic tricks of power dressing are sure to upgrade your workwear fashion. Additionally, try to inculcate the practice of self-grooming to get a smart and impressive look. Also, upscale your communication skills to complement your powerful personality as strong communication skills go a long way in demonstrating your intellectual power.

Having said that, we hope by now, you are familiar with the tricks of power dressing. So next time when you step inside the boardroom make sure that you follow our tricks to boss up your workwear style.


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