10 Things to do When You are on a Probation

10 Things to do When You are on a Probation

Bagging your dream job is the best feeling of an individual’s life. However, the next phase of probation can certainly be tiring and highly unpredictable. The question of whether you will achieve the status of being a permanent employee of the company or not can leave you second-guessing about your capabilities.

Moreover, the cut-throat competition only adds to your worries. But, to reduce your stress and to get you closer to being a permanent employee, here are some suggestions. Probably, implication these suggestions might help you outperform your competitors on a probation. Read on!

  • Strengthen Your Interpersonal Skills: The abilities like active listening, empathy, responsibility and flexibility go a long way in building relationships. Try to strengthen these skills to come across as a team player.
  • Be on Time: Late comers are often perceived as the ones who don’t value time. If you wish to cast a good impression, always try to be on time. Similarly, respect the deadlines and try to get your work done as soon as possible.
  • Take Responsibility: Don’t escape from responsibilities. Accepting responsibility denotes your ability of being trustworthy and confident about one’s capability.
  • Stay Motivated: It’s true that tough times can kill your motivation. On the contrast, staying proactive and positive will help you to overcome tough times.
  • Accept Feedback: Since, probation is a phase wherein you are earning as well as learning try to accept feedback positively. As this acceptance, will help you to work on your weaknesses.
  • Ask Questions: If you fail to understand a particular task, don’t be afraid the ask questions. Asking questions shows your willingness to understand the things.
  • Be Goal-oriented: At the end of your probation period, your results and achievements will certainly be evaluated. Hence, if you wish to be permanent, ensure that you achieve all your goals.
  • Explore Opportunities: Don’t let opportunities out of your hand. Explore the new options and try to come up with creative solutions for the same. Companies all over are looking out for creative solutions.
  • Maintain Transparency: While the possibility of making mistakes during probation would be high, it’s best to maintain transparency with your line manager. Maintaining of transparency highlights the trait of being accountable and honest.
  • Flexibility: Like changing market trends, inculcate the ability of flexibility. Try to be updated with recent trends and be open to change your working patterns accordingly.

While there’s no guarantee, observing these practices might help you to step up your game. Likewise, do let us know, if our strategies proved useful for you.


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