10 Reasons Why You are a Bad Manager

10 Reasons Why You are a Bad Manager

Being an office manager is just like being a housewife, slogging day in and day out without any appreciation. Initially, the six digit salary and status of office manager seems to be like your direct boarding pass for a bright future but soon you realize that what seemed to be a door of paradise has soon transported you to hell. Increased work pressure, deadlines, responsibilities and to top it up a bunch of people that are difficult to deal with.

Thus, considering you’re hot and happening life as a manager, instead of giving in same old qualities of the good manager, here we are with the exact errors that you are entitling you as a bad manager.

  • Being a Dictator– Imposing your work style on your teammates is only going to nurture hatred and lack of team spirit among your team. It’s only when liberty is granted, will you start seeing efficiency and innovation in the tasks given.
  • Ignoring Esprit de corps– As rightly said by Henry Fayol, to nurture the feeling of trust and unity, each one must be given an equal opportunity. Nepotism will only drag you further towards being a bad manager.
  • Lack of Appreciation– Appreciation always acts as a source of motivation for your team. So when you reprimand your team members, make it a point that you appreciate them whenever they deliver an excellent performance.
  • Lack of Clarity– As a manager, you need to make sure that your team is well aware of the goals that are set for them. Expecting results with the lack of understanding of goals is only going to be a double work for you in the long run.
  • Absence of Feedback– Without a proper feedback, how do you expect your team to understand what exactly is wrong with their performance?
  • Reprimanding– In case of mistakes, remember that it’s the behaviour of that person that is wrong and not the person himself. So post pointing out their mistakes ensure that you tell them that they have got the potential to deliver an excellent performance.
  • No Periodic Reviews– By skipping periodic reviews of work, indirectly as a manager, you are sure to land yourself in a big trouble. Periodic reviews help you to ensure that everything is right on its track.
  • Communication Issues– Often the paucity of proper communication flow hinders the efficiency of teammates. A chain of balanced communication helps in the coherent functioning of an organization.
  • Goals over People– By placing goals over your teammates certainly you are making a bad choice. As a manager when your teammates are motivated and valued, the goals ultimately are achieved before deadlines.
  • Know thy Teammate– It’s only when you know the strengths and weaknesses of your team that you can efficiently delegate work in a way that their strengths are put to the best use.

It’s true that no one wants to have a tag of bad manager but in case you find yourself committing more than one of the above mentioned errors than I guess you now know the reason behind your miserable condition. So we hope now you have a solution for your problem!


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