10 Overused Words in English that You Need to Stop Using

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We all have been using different words since ancient times which neither is grammatically correct neither does it have any kind of significance. As because these words do not make any kind of significance, it is often quite funny whenever you are using them. So, if you or anyone in your vicinity have been using this kind of words, you immediately need to stop using them. Here in this article, we have collected a list of 10 overused words that are often misused.

  1. Mother promise or Father Promise

Since ages, we all have been using this word without actually knowing the legit or the correct word. We as a child have used this word often. Well, let’s come back to reality. The word from promising us there in the Oxford dictionary but there is nothing such as mother promise. It has actually been derived from colloquial words.

  • Cousin sister or cousin brother

According to the Oxford dictionary, cousin is basically the child of a person’s uncle or aunt. Things such as cousin brother or cousin sister do not exist. So, the right way is only to refer them as a cousin.

  • Good name

While meeting a stranger, there are many people who ask, ‘What is your good name?’

Well, whenever the elders name a child, they do it with good intention. So, there is nothing such as bad about a name. So the next time you are meeting a stranger, you could simply ask ‘What is your name?’

  • Revert back

So this one is a tricky one as it is even used by most of the big officials. We all have been using this phrase in emails. According to the English dictionary, revert means to reply to someone, so you really do not need to say revert back. Simply use revert.

  • Rubber

In India, we have often used rubber to refer to an eraser. But in most of the foreign countries, rubber is basically a slang. Eraser is basically a soft piece of rubber which is used to rub out something written using a pencil, thus people started using the word rubber.

  • Picture

You might have heard people saying that they are going out to watch a picture. The origin is basically unknown when the picture became so synonymous with films or movies. According to the dictionary, a picture means a drawing or a painting. So instead of using a picture, you can say that you are going out to watch a movie.

  • Mention not

Well, you might hear people quickly turning around and saying mention not whenever someone says thank you. It was also derived from the colloquial terms. There are a number of ways by which you can accept someone’s thanks by saying you’re welcome or it’s my pleasure.

  • Pass out

In many places graduating from a school or a college is often mentioned as passing out. Well, you actually pass out after having a drink. The correct word for the successful completion of a course is graduate.

  • Cheatercock

According to the English dictionary, a cheater is a person who is acting dishonestly in order to gain personal advantage. So, referring to someone as a cheater is enough.

  1. Would be

In many places we often use the term would be to mention to the bride or the bridegroom. Instead of using this phrase, you can use the term fiancé. ock


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