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Web TT - FAQs:

What is Web TT?

GCC Exchange WebTT is a facility provided by GCC Exchange to its customers whereby they can send money to their loved ones sitting from Home /Office. Customers registered with the Web TT service can send money to their loved ones in India, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. It is one of the most convenient and cost effective modes of sending money.

How does Web TT work?

We pride ourselves on keeping things simple and making your life easier. Here is how you can make international money transfers online in 4 easy steps.

  • Step 1: Visit Web TT portal and get yourself registered
  • After successful KYC verification you will be provided with a username & password.

  • Step 2: Transfer funds to GCC Exchange
  • Calculate and transfer amount to any of the GCC Exchange banks accounts listed on our website along with our service charges, when transferred you will get a reference no, take a note of it.

  • Step 3: Make Payment Instruction
  • Logging into your Web TT application create an electronic transfer instruction, add the beneficiary bank account details of your loved one you wish to transfer along with the reference number which you received after transferring the amount to GCC Exchange Bank Account. The exchange rates you see on our currency calculator are the exact rates your cash will be transferred at.

  • Step 4: Payment made to Recipient
  • Once we sight the funds we will process the transaction.

What are the documents required to get registered with Web TT?

The document required to get yourself registered with Web TT is:

Original Emirates ID Copy ( Front & Back)

How can I be sure my money is secure?

As this is a banking transaction it is always traceable .

I have forgotten my password, how do I reset it?

Enter you Username, Email address and Phone No into our forgotten password form, and we will then send a link to your email address which will allow you to reset your password. So kindly ensure that you have correctly entered your email id while registering.

How long before the money will appear in the beneficiary account?

Your beneficiary will receive the money within 2 or 3 business days.

PS: We have kept 2-3 working days as a buffer marking if any Bank Holidays, but we try to deliver your money in the beneficiary account much prior then mentioned days.

A few things that may slow down the process:

  • Delay in receiving payment from your end
  • Recipient bank holidays/national holidays/difference in time zone/delivery hours
  • Erroneous recipient details
Who can use my GCC Web TT ?

In order to maintain and meet our AML Policies we have a one person- one user policy . you are not permitted to use your user ID to send funds on behalf of a another person. So you have to mention your bank and account no during registration.

What should I use as the reference for my local transfer to Web TT?

It is important that you use your unique 8-digit USER ID, so that we can quickly and easily identify your payment. Failure to enter this number may result in a delay in us identifying your payment and a delay in your payment being settled to your payee. Please note: For ease of making future payments, we suggest you save your customer reference no.

How can the customer track the status of transaction?

Customer can track the status using the transaction tracker tool available on the WebTT portal. Customer need to enter their Mobile No and GCC Exchange Card No number to retrieve the status.

Will the customer get a confirmation from GCC Exchange when transfer is successful?

Customer will receive a SMS confirmation when the amount is successfully credited to the beneficiary.

What are the customer touch points?

In case of any queries, the customer can call on the below mobile number or write an email from the registered email id

Mobile No: – +971-56-506 7589

Email –

Can the customer cancel a transaction?

Cancellation / Deletion of a transaction is not permitted. However, in the following situations, cancellation and refund will be permitted at prevalent rates with applicable cancellation charges.

What are charges for sending money using

Our Web TT Charges

Country Per Transaction
Nepalese RupeeNepalese Rupee 6 AED
How do I set rate alert?

Rate alert is a facility by virtue of which customers will be alerted through Email/SMS once the exchange rate touches the defined value. Click 'Set Alert' on the home page in the rate calculator to set the preferred exchange rate. Enter your Name, Email ID, Mobile number and preferred rate. Check alert type as Email/SMS and click on 'Set Alert'. An Email/SMS will be triggered once the exchange rate touches the preferred rate set by the customer.

How do I schedule Manual pick up for online Service Agreement?

You can schedule your manual pick for online service agreement at your convenience, you may mail or call on Mob: +971-56-5067589 to confirm your Pick - up address, time of your availability and mobile number. After submitting these details our marketing staff will contact you and reach at the specified address with the service agreement

What is the maximum amount I can send online?

You can send up to 39,000 AED. Amount of 40,000 AED and Above, then those customers will have to provide us with Source of funds, Source of Funds can be in the form of Bank Statement or Loan Taken Copy. Apart from that customer will have to Sign Central Bank Form generated after the transfer is complete. For any clarification you may get in touch with our Web TT Team.

My bank account got debited but transaction is not processed. What do I do?

Once your account is debited, some banks takes 1-2 business workings days to get the amount reflected in our Bank Accounts, that’s the time there might be a delay on your transfer. For any clarification you may get in touch with our Web TT Team and they will guide you on the same

What types of documents are required to initiate my online transfer with GCC Exchange Web TT?

Emirates ID and Online Service Agreement are now mandatory to initiate transactions

When will be my online transaction processed after me, making my transfer application?

As soon as we sight your funds in our GCC Exchange Bank accounts, we will start the procedure of processing your transaction, Kindly note some Banks will take 1-2 working days or more for your transferred amount to be reflected in our Bank accounts, that’s the time there would be delay in processing your transaction.

Can I have more than 1 Web TT account?

Your Email, mobile number and Emirates ID are unique to our account. You can only create 1 account using these.

How much money can I send through the Web TT Service?
  • Maximum transaction limit in a day is AED 200,000
  • Maximum transaction limit in a month is AED 500,000
  • Maximum of 8 transactions are permitted in a month
How long does it take for funds to be transferred? Will there be any notification on transaction status?

It takes 2-3 business days for funds to be transferred. You will receive an SMS confirmation once the transfer is completed.

Can I transfer money using an international bank account?

No, you can only transfer money through your local (UAE) bank account.

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