About GCC Exchange

At GCC Exchange, principles and values are not just words but foundations for our exponential growth. With strong fundamentals and clear Vision and Mission, we aim to provide excellent service which is our real currency.


GCC Exchange has grown from their first branch in Dubai - UAE to a total of sixteen branches in the UAE and five other Associate companies around the world which include United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Seychelles, Fiji and Singapore. In a short timeframe the group has won over the hearts of their customers with friendly and efficient employees, safe yet simple procedures, transparent, timely and quality services. They have grown to be a leader in the remittance business coupling low service charges with unmatched exchange rates enabling customers to send money back to their loved ones with ease.
The company is one of the top three exchange houses trusted with wage protection system (WPS) in the UAE processing the salary more than 80,000 employees. We are also the preferred Exchange House for customers when it comes to their foreign exchange requirements offering competitive rates and zero charges.


GCC Exchange is connected to all major banks globally through SWIFT, which enables seamless electronic fund transfers. We have also partnered with renowned Instant Money Transfer services including our own product called "GCC Remit". GCC Exchange has also recently launched Web TT service which allows customers to transfer money directly into their chosen accounts from their home/office.

AML/CFT Policy

GCC Exchange policy with regards to AML/CFT is a “no-nonsense” approach and we are committed to participating in international efforts to counter Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing. To this effect, GCC Exchange has implemented an effective Anti-Money Laundering System to protect its financial sector from potential money laundering offenses. We are committed to the highest standards of Anti Money laundering (AML) policies and guidelines set by the regulators in the countries of operation as well as other regulatory bodies such as the OFAC, EU, and the UN. We have a well-documented Anti-Money Laundering policy and procedure in each place of operation which is updated on an annual basis. The company requires its staff to adhere to the highest AML/CFT standards and adopts a zero-tolerance approach in an effort to safeguard the interest of its customers.