Customer Service Charter

Customer Service Charter

We at GCC Exchange Group are strongly committed to provide our customers a consistent and comfortable experience, when you get in touch with us. At GCC Exchange, we continuously work towards providing the experience and service levels that matches the quality of our products and meets the expectations of our customers.
We have developed this Customer Service Charter (“Charter”) to indicate what customers can expect in their dealings with us. Through this Customer Service Charter, we aim to share our passion and commitment to provide consistent and comfortable customer experience and also sets out how we propose to meet our obligations.
We are committed to take timely action to the feedback received and ensure continuous improvement. Please help us by providing your valuable opinion, inputs on the charter by reaching us at or call: 600 522 049 or email us at |

Our Customer Service Assurance

We aim to provide efficient and effective customer service at all times. The table mentioned hereinbelow showcase the service principles we abide by service standards we follow for our interaction with our customers and the processing and/or response time.
However, the service standards are indicative only. There could be individual cases which may be decided in longer or shorter periods than the service standard, depending on a range of factors, individual circumstances, and the complexity of each case.
Service Principles Measures of Effectiveness
Telephone Branches Digital
Accessibility Ensure accessibility of telephone services during business hours. Ensure that working hours of our branches are convenient to our customers abiding by the regulatory requirement. Ensure that the customer touch points such as e-mail IDs,customer care no: social media platforms and website addresses are given proper visibility; and ensure that adequate resources are in place to respond to customers contacting through these channels.
Response Time To respond to your calls within 15 (fifteen) seconds To serve you within ten minutes of your arrival at the counter. To acknowledge customer enquiries received through e-mail, calls, website,within 12 working hours of receipt of the query and provide you with the timelines for our complete response.
Customer Management Ensure proper management of telephone calls and divert queued calls to our call centers for resolution within 5minutes. Ensure that our counters are well managed, and we will have adequate number of resources in person to serve the customers. Ensure that these channels are managed well, and proper process followed for responding to customers of each of the channels.
Customer Management We will be accessible by telephone during business hours. Ensure that during holidays our working hours are notified in the branches well in advance and any change in timings are publicized, by giving prior intimation to the customers Ensure that we are contactable through e-mail, website, during the business hours. The queries posted after office hours are responded in the first business hour of the following day.
Courteous and professional approach. When we call you, we will provide you with our name and work area and tell you the reason why we are calling. When answering the telephone, the attendants will identify themselves. We will be presentable. We will wear our name badges/id cards always. We will acknowledge your queries, and provide contact details in our written correspondences.
Courteous and professional approach. Our staff will sound friendly and polite. Wherever required,the team will ensure that the team member with the required language skill is handling the customers to make the conversation clear, precise and covering adequate information and the whole exercise is comfortable for the customers Our staff will be very courteous and friendly while dealing with the customers in person. Wherever possible they will try to communicate in the language in which the customer can easily understand. The language used in the communication,either written or oral,will be simple and polite. The preferred mode of communication will be in English.
Trained & knowledgeable staffing Ensure that the staff is well trained on our products and services so that they can suggest the best solution based on the customer needs. Ensure that the staff is well trained on our products and services so that they can understand your requirement personally and guide you to the appropriate services offered such as money transfers/foreign currency/payroll solutions/bill payments. Ensure that the staff is well trained on our products and services so that they can suggest the best solution based on the customer needs.
Trained & knowledgeable staffing Our staff will offer correct and complete resolution with clarity to meet customers’ needs Our staff will offer correct and complete information with regards to customers’ needs. The staff will not make false promises which cannot be kept or achieved. We will be accurate and helpful with timely responses that are relevant to customer needs.
Timely resolution for complaints and queries. Ensure that all general queries are closed within 24 (twenty-four) working hours.
In case of any delay in resolutions, the staff will keep the customers updated continuously till the final closure of the query.
Ensure that it doesn’t take more than 15 (fifteen) minutes for every customer to be served.
In case of unexpected delays, our staff will apologize as well as update the customers on the reasons for the delay.
Ensure that all general queries are closed within 24 (twenty-four) working hours. In case of delay in resolutions, the staff will keep the customers updated continuously till the final closure of the query.
Data Security Our staff will always ensure to follow Data Protection law and follow good practices. Our staff will follow the data protection policy and will ensure that the customer data will not be shared with anyone else including friends or family. Will ensure that the Customer data will not be shared with anybody else and full protection will be ensured as far as customer data is concerned.
Parameters Offline Online
Daily exchange rates Visit any GCC Exchange Branch
Our Service charges Visit any GCC Exchange Branch
Products & Services Visit any GCC Exchange Branch
FAQs Visit any GCC Exchange Branch
Surveys / Feedback Happiness Meter Platform in Branch
Transaction Status Visit any GCC Exchange Branch Call 600522049

Customer Rights

1) Right to Fair Treatment

In pursuance to the Right to Fair Treatment, GCC Exchange will;
  • Promote good and fair practices by setting minimum standards across our branches.
  • Provide training to the staff to attend to customers, adequately and appropriately.
  • Ensure that staff members attend to customers promptly and courteously.
  • Treat all customers fairly and not discriminate against any customer on grounds such as gender, age, religion, caste, literacy, economic status, physical ability etc.
  • Ensure that the products and services offered are in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.
While GCC Exchange shall endeavor to provide its customers with hassle free and fair treatment, customers are expected to behave courteously and honestly in their dealings with the GCC Exchange.

2) Right to Transparency, Fair and Honest Dealing

In pursuance to the Right to Transparency, Fair and Honest Dealing, GCC Exchange will;
  • Ensure that we deal with the customer rest on ethical principles of equity, integrity and transparency.
  • Ensure that all terms and conditions are fair and set out the respective rights, liabilities and obligations clearly in plain and simple language.
  • Display on the bank’s website the bank’s Policies on terms and conditions, customer charter, Grievance Redressal etc.
  • Make every effort to ensure that the staff dealing in a particular product is properly trained to provide relevant information to customers fully, correctly and honestly.
  • Communicate unambiguously the information about:
    • Relocation of our office/branch
    • Changes in working hours
    • Change in telephone numbers
    • Closure of any office or branch
  • Ensure that all marketing and promotional material is clear and not misleading.
  • If any offer is for a limited period, then the time period will be clearly mentioned.
  • Not threaten the customer with physical harm, exert influence or engage in behavior that would reasonably be construed as unwarranted harassment. We will ensure adherence only to the normal appropriate business practices.

3) Right to Privacy/ Data Protection

In pursuance to the Right to Privacy, GG Exchange will;
Treat customer’s personal information as private and confidential (even when the customer is no longer transacting with us) and NOT disclose such information to any other individual /institutions, including subsidiaries /associates, tie-up institutions etc. for any purpose, unless;
  • The customer has authorized such disclosure explicitly in writing
  • Disclosure is compelled by law / regulation

4) Right to Grievance Redressal

In pursuance to the Grievance Redressal, GCC Exchange will;
  • Deal sympathetically and expeditiously deal with all the errors and mistakes
  • Correct mistakes promptly wherever required.
  • Place in public domain (website) the Customer Grievance Redressal mechanism.
  • Email ids and contact numbers for customer redressal will be displayed in the website. The time limit for resolution of complaints will be displayed.
  • Acknowledge all formal complaints (including complaints lodged through electronic means) within 5 working days and work to resolve it within a reasonable period, not exceeding 10 days. The 10-day period will be reckoned after all the necessary information sought from the customer is received.
  • In case of credit to a wrong account no: due to customer provides wrong account/beneficiary information, time taken for resolution will be unreckoned as the refund process includes Authorization letter from the wrongly credited beneficiary which will be time consuming and purely depends upon the wrongly credited beneficiary.
  • Ensure the customer is refunded without delay (once refund received from the correspondent) after deducting charges in case of customer mistake and full amount if its internal/technical error.

Terms and Conditions

1) GCC Exchange or its branches or its agents accept no liability, whatsoever, for remittance delayed in any form or bank charges or fees or deductions levied or omission or funds confiscated by the beneficiary bank or correspondent bank or any government agency on any grounds.
2) The estimated time for the funds to be transferred to the beneficiary will be informed at the time of transaction. However, time taken to transfer funds can be delayed due to various reasons.
3) If a customer is willing to amend the remittance transaction details, any charges incurred on such amendment shall be borne by the customer.
4) The remitter will have to pay minimum bank charges prior to processing the inquiry about non-receipt of funds.
5) GCC Exchange will not collect/deduct any form of charge from the remitter if payment – order process resulted in an error at the hands of its officials or bank or agent.
6) Any cancellation of remittance transaction shall be entertained only on submission of remitter’s written request duly signed and stating the valid reason for such cancellation and must be submitted along with the original transaction receipt.
7) Refund shall be provided once the stop payment is confirmed (or) funds are received back from the correspondent Bank or its Agent.
8) Unclaimed amount lying pending for a longer period, can only be refunded as per regulatory guidelines.
9) On rejection or cancellation of a remittance transaction, the due amount if any will be paid to the original remitter at (prevailing) buying rate after deducting all the bank charges.
10) All refunds will be paid in UAE Dirham (AED) only.
11) For all Instant Money Transfers products such as MoneyGram, Instant Cash and GCC Remit please refer to the website of the respective service provider for their terms and conditions.
12) GCC Exchange will neither misuse customer data nor share with a customer or to a third party unless it is compelled by law/regulation.
13) For multi-currency remittances, there will be a back-end deduction ranging between USD.40/- to USD.80/-. The charges for tracer/amendment/cancellation shall be AED.190/- if applicable.
14) GCC Exchange will inform customers of our latest promotions/updates via SMS/WhatsApp. If you want to opt of this pls call 600522049 / +971565067589.
15) Service charges details of all the products and services are available in our website
16) For any further enquiries/feedbacks/complaints, kindly email us on or call: 600 522 049. Or refer to

Disclosure / Warnings

1) Additional fees may be levied by the correspondent bank/financial institution or entity providing financial services to the beneficiary of remittances.
2) Penalties and Fees may be applied if there is a customer error or omission in providing correct or incomplete information for remittances.
3) Service charges details of all the products and services are available in our website
4) The actual time to complete a transaction may differ from estimates due to increased scrutiny of transactions by the correspondent bank/financial institution or entity providing financial services to the beneficiary of remittances.
5) Exchange rate used for the refund of money paid by the Consumer may differ from the original rate used for the transfer, and any costs which could be incurred for the cancellation caused by the Consumer.
6) There may be additional and significant costs charged by the receiving entities should there be Errors / omissions in the remittance information provided by the Consumer causing a rejection of, or delays in the transfer

Grievance Redressal Mechanism

We are committed to serve you to your satisfaction and make your experience of patronizing our services an enjoyable one. However, should you feel that our services need improvement and wish to lodge your feedback/complaint, we welcome your valuable suggestions and feedback. Our endeavor shall be to convert your complaint into a compliment. Please follow the escalation matrix as below.
Methodology Escalation-Level 1 Contact Responsibility Response Time Resolution time
Raise complaint via branch, call or walk-in Immediate upon a complaint Branch / Shift In-Charge Branch In-Charge Live Support 1-4 days depends on the complexity of the complaint
Methodology Escalation-Level 2 Contact Responsibility Response Time Resolution time
Via Toll freeno: / Email On the 5th Day 600522049
Customer Service Officer Online Support.Response within 1 day 1-2 days
Methodology Escalation-Level 3 Contact Responsibility Response Time Resolution time
Email On the 7th day,
Senior Management Team Online/Call support. Response within same day 1-3 days

Anti-Cartel Policy

Carteling is a hidden arrangement between competing exchange houses to control or fully eradicate the healthy competition between them with the objective to increase commission or profits of the participating exchange houses without any compensating benefits to the customer.
GCC Exchange strictly abide by the policy of not to be a participating exchange house in any such hidden carteling arrangement.

Anti-Discrimination Policy

Discrimination is any non-cooperative action or attitude or behavior directed towards an induvial due to his or her personal characteristics such as age, race, gender, religion ethnicity, physical disability etc.
GCC Exchange abide by the policy of not having any discriminatory practices between its employees and customers. GCC Exchange strictly will not tolerate any kind of discriminatory practice which creates a hostile and unpleasant environment within or outside organization.
GCC Exchange also abide by the policy of giving preference to the people of determination while executing transaction. GCC Exchange has a separate que for people of determination so as to facilitate them with expeditious completion of their transactions.

Your Feedbacks are always acknowledged

  • We welcome your views and comments as vital in helping us to monitor and improve there levance and quality of our service to the customers.
  • We will consider all suggestions fully and promptly in our planning for service improvement and, wherever possible, we will respond immediately.
  • We may occasionally seek your input to random surveys of how the customer perceives our services and what services are needed, including assessments of our performance.
  • We are committed to doing the very best job we can. We welcome your feedback on our performance. If you have any suggestion, please feel free to visit our website
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