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Corporate Payments

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GCC Exchange corporate payment service is a comprehensive package for your company’s local and international B2B fund transfer needs. Partnering with us ensures your corporate payments are not just transactions but experiences – fast, secure, and simplified. With access to all the major banks spread over 150+ countries, small-scale and large-scale businesses can move their money around the globe in efficient ways, completely cutting out extra costs, transaction delays, and compliance risks.
With GCC Exchange corporate payment service, you will get competitive rates for your transfers and a dedicated team who will be available all the time to assist you.

Benefits of Having a Corporate Payment Partner

  • Efficient transfers

    With a corporate payment partner, all your transaction processes are streamlined, leading to faster transactions and efficient business performance.

  • AML-CFT compliance

    A corporate payment partner who is certified by the Central Bank of UAE serves as a trustworthy and compliant service provider, strengthening your adherence to local and international AML-CFT regulations and guidelines.

  • Centralized record

    Having a partner enables you to maintain a centralized record of your local and international corporate remittances, which you can use for all future references.

  • Cost savings

    Sourcing your payment requirements from a single partner can potentially cut costs and streamline processes.

  • Customized solutions

    A corporate payment partner can tailor their products and services based on your remittance requirements, facilitating faster transfers and better overall performance.

Services Under Corporate Payments

  • Remittance for Corporates

    GCC Exchange empowers Corporates with reliable solutions for efficiently managing substantial financial transactions from the UAE. We offer competitive rates and service charges for businesses making local as well as international transactions. Our innovative software also ensures quick and safe transfers.

  • Foreign currency exchange

    GCC Exchange corporate clients enjoy exclusive rates and charges for foreign exchange. There is complete transparency in fees and processes, enabling our clients to make an informed decision about their forex activities.

  • Overseas Salary remittances

    Corporate businesses can pay the salaries of their overseas employees through GCC Exchange. The salary disbursement can be made to the home countries of the employees.

  • Cash to Master (CTM)

    Cash to Master is a specialized service for clients in the maritime industry. With GCC Exchange, your maritime captain can get immediate access to funds for port- or crew-related expenses, ensuring financial flexibility for your maritime workers.

Why Choose GCC Exchange Corporate Payment Services?

  • Personalized Support – Dedicated Dealer and Account Managers *

    Our commitment to personalized service includes a Dedicated dealer and Account manager at your immediate disposal. This tailored approach ensures that your daily requirements are not just met but exceeded, fostering a proactive and responsive partnership.

  • Competitive Currency Exchange Rates

    With us, you can enjoy the best deals for rates, charges, and cutting-edge software facilities tailored specifically for your remittance and foreign exchange needs. Enjoy a competitive advantage in the market with rates that align seamlessly with your business objectives.

  • Swift and Secure Transfers

    We prioritize the highest standards of security, ensuring that every local and international transaction is executed swiftly and securely.

  • Excellent customer service

    Our customer service team stands as a pillar of support, armed with in-depth knowledge about our services and a keen understanding of client requirements. We are available anytime you need assistance, ensuring a seamless and confident experience.

  • Innovative Financial Solutions

    Stay ahead with GCC Exchange’s commitment to innovation. Our continuous exploration of cutting-edge financial solutions ensures that you not only meet industry standards but also embrace future opportunities and advancements.

  • Transparent Fee Structure

    Transparency is paramount. With GCC Exchange, experience clear and understandable fee structures, empowering you to make well-informed decisions with confidence.

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