Travelling to Dubai? Make Sure You Don’t Miss Out of These Places

Dubai Sightseeing

Dubai, being a part of the country of UAE or the United Arab Emirates, was founded Ubaid Bin Saeed and Maktum Bin Butti Al Maktoum. This metropolis has the government of absolute monarchy. Nationalities here range from more than half Indians, Emirati, Pakistani, Bangladeshi etc. The metropolis population is about 2,752, 736 as of March 2017.

Being of the most influential city, in respect to economics and industrial, tourism is an important aspect in the entry of money into the city. Some places which should not be missed out during your Dubai tour are as follows:

  1. Burf Khalifa: Missing out on this architectural building is a no. The tallest building with 124 observational decks, standing on top of it makes your look at Dubai from the sky.
  2. The Dubai Mall: The enormous are covered by the Dubai Mall is mind racking. Extensive or window shoppers can hop around the arena for hours, looking at the majestic amount of craftwork and other valuables. Ranging from food to diamonds and gold, this place is filled with everything that you want.
  3. Dolphin Bay: One of the most playful creatures that you can come across, the Dolphin Bay helps you to come closer to these beauties. Swimming amongst them, taking photos, getting cheeky kisses and hugs, dancing with them, the tour of this place offers it all.
  4. Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve: A heavily recommended tour, the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve offers a desert safari in a 4×4 vehicle is enthralling. Entertaining belly dance and food is available at camp from 3.00pm to 9pm. A splendid site, indeed.
  5. Wild Wadi Waterpark: A lazy day to slide with ease, the Wild Wadi Waterpark is a family place to visit during any Dubai sunny day. Slides and pools that is suited for any age, this place is full of brimming excitement.
  6. Dubai Butterfly Garden: The beautifully maintained park filled with colorful trees and huge numbers of innumerable butterflies. Though the pocket pinch might be a bit high, visiting this place is recommended. The bright colors attract children a lot, and the open space can be roamed around freely.
  7. Ski Dubai: Situated on the Mall of the Emirates, Ski Dubai is a chilled place of -4 degrees centigrade. Skiing, sledging are attractive, but the fun part is getting to meet the penguins. Staring from contact, you are even allowed to take snaps with them! Kids and their anticipation, it’s overwhelming.
  8. Dubai Fountains: One of the most attractive features of Dubai are the fountains. Free entry while visiting the Dubai mall in the evening, the fountains show it’s spectacular illustration for a mere 10 minutes, but the beauty of it is sure to last a lifetime.

Missing out on these places will of course be costly, maybe not on your pocket, but on life experiences. So go ahead, don’t leave any rock unturned. It is one life you have to life.


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