Tips on how to take Lecture Notes on your Laptop or Tablet

Lecture Notes: Attending lectures is one of the most boring things we face daily at our school or college. And taking lecture notes is an even more tedious job. But you can’t just ignore the lectures right? So here we will introduce you to several ways you can keep your lecture notes safe to study them later.

Lecture Notes on your Laptop or Tablet

The ways listed here are for students who want to record and access their lecture notes without any platform incompatibility issues. So we will try to list those tools which can be used on most of the platforms including Windows, iOS, and Linux too. So you won’t find any difficulty even if you have one of the best laptops for taking notes or any generic laptop.

Lecture note-taking tools you can use on your laptop –

There are plenty of software you can install on your laptop to take live notes of your lectures, but we recommend you to use web-based online tools instead so that you can access all your lecture notes on all the devices. Some of them also comes with offline software if you want.

Evernote –

Talking of the best, Evernote is the most popular note-taking app you can find in the market. The online integration and sync capabilities with other platforms make it an ultimate tool to take detailed notes you want to note in lectures.
There are options like subject organization, save articles and web pages, sharing, passcode lock, etc.

Onenote –

From Microsoft, Onenote is the ultimate note taker app for any need you might face while taking lecture notes. Its integration with Microsoft Office makes it even more attractive for Windows users. Onenote is also available as a web tool also so there will be no problem for other platforms too. It offers features like Organize, Tag, Ink, Mix media, Clip and save, etc. which makes you fall in love with taking notes in a graceful manner.

Google Keep + Docs –

Now from Google, Keep is a simple note-taking app if you want to take short notes like sentences, lists, etc. For the bigger picture, Docs does a perfect job. Its similarity in interface with Microsoft Word makes it really easy to adapt to the new users. Also, you can access your docs and lecture notes by just logging in to your Google account.

Dropbox Paper –

For people having cloud storage services from Dropbox, The Dropbox Paper will do the perfect job. Its features like embedding images, audio, and video, rich formatting functions, create a company or team, etc. will do all types of jobs you want to do to make your lecture notes perfect. The only reason it is not above other tools in the list is its less collaborative nature than others. If you can live with slightly fewer sharing options that you might not even notice, then Dropbox Paper will be a perfect tool for you.

Conclusion –

All the tools and apps here are to help you in taking notes of live lectures. There might be better options out there but these are the top 5 you will find anywhere. We tried to compile the best of the bests on the internet available right now. Do let us know about other tools you found on the internet, we would love to consider them.


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