Few Basic Mobile Apps to Get the Best of Your Small Business

Some Basic Mobile Applications to Get the Best of Your Small Business

Nowadays we live in an era where the ideal way to take care of your business affairs is with the use of exceptional technologies. The technologies that are continuously growing are gradually introducing the latest tools and other functionalities that would help us perform every business operation in a much easier way than the previous years. Being a small business owner nowadays you would want to keep a close eye on your finance Management, your human resources and the marketing of the company. 

With the help of modern technologies and applications, small business owners will now be able to manage the business anywhere at any time. With the advancement in mobile app development, the companies have started increasing customized products for the business owners so that they will not have to fiddle with the task that is beyond their professional expertise and spend large sums of money. So, if you’re running a small business in the present year of 2019 and you are looking for a number of applications every day, we have here compiled a list of 15 mobile applications that would help you manage the business and thus achieve substantial growth.

  1. QuickBooks

QuickBooks is a popular online accounting mobile application for Android and iPhone users. With the help of the quick book, you will be able to use a phone or the tablet to enter the transactions, the invoices of the customers, the expenses and reports and more. The app will allow the business owner to access their balance sheets, the cash flow statements, the income tax statements and many other accounting related searches on the go.

  • Freshbooks

Freshbook is an online mobile application that has specifically been designed for the small business. The application allows the business owners to work on the go that is invoicing the clients, recording the expenses and tracking the time of the transactions. The app is quite fast and can be used on any Android phone. The simple user interface of the application has specifically been designed keeping in mind the easy usage of the application by millions of small businesses that are developing every day. In addition to this, the app also allows the business owner to accept credit card payments via the mobile device and also helps them to track and organize their incoming sales.

  • Expensify

The scanning of receipts, reimbursement and a lot more, that is how Expensify helps you. The application helps you complete all your expense management in a pretty easy way. The application basically tracks you received and helps you manage the expenses of your company on the run. The application makes it quite easier for Android and iPhone users to upload your receives.

  • Squareup

Trusted by over 2 billion businesses globally, the application is the only free of sales app that provides the business owner with everything they need to expand the business on the go. The app has been ideally built for the small business owners as the app accepts and processes all the credit payments, manages the employee access and also monitors the inventory on your mobile.


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