Career Advice: 6 Common Career Mistakes Which You Should Avoid

Career Mistakes: When we start out in the job market right after we graduate, the course of action to take might be unknown. For that, mistakes are inevitable sometimes. So, wouldn’t it be good if you had someone who would help you steer clear of these career mistakes?

Career Mistakes Which You Should Avoid

Well, thankfully, we are here to let you know which common career mistakes you can avoid!

1) Resume

Your resume is the first point of contact between you and the company you want to work for.If that is half par, then there is a high chance they will not recruit you into their firm. So, try to make sure you haven’t made grammatical and spelling mistakes in it.

Also, you should look up the basic format of a resume so that you know what the recruiters want to know about you and your background.

2) Showing the Wrong Level of Enthusiasm

When you are in an interview, you will be judged based on a lot of things. And your level of enthusiasm is one of them. You should not be too aggressive and intimidating for the interviewers.

Having said that, don’t be too less aggressive either, because they might think you are not enthusiastic enough and that you are not fit to take on a role in their firm. So, there must be a balance. While you’re at it, do not stare into the interviewer’s eyes for too long.

3) Don’t Let Money Make Decisions

Our salaries might be the biggest reason behind our work, but that should not be the only thing you take into account when taking a job. There might be many companies that offer more money but might not have much scope for growth.

And there are also cases when you might end up feeling like you sold your soul to the devil in exchange for the labor. Try to see if the job has any other benefits, their corporate culture, and whether you will be able to stay happy there or not.

4) Don’t Have Networks

Being able to communicate properly with your coworkers is very important. It will help you to get ahead in your career and build a better bond with people at work. If you are unsocial, then you will not be able to take help from them in the future when you need to.

Building networks is not only important within the organization, but you should also try to get to know people outside of it too. This will help you get more and more opportunities and offers. You do not want to limit yourself or your career inside four walls.

5) Taking on More Work than You Can Do

It is very normal if you are unable to say no to your superior at work when they hand a job over to you. And if you are able to handle the burden, then that’s great. But it might not always be the case in hand. Taking on more load than you can take and not being able to finish is worse than saying no. So, if you can’t do it, let them know.

6) Avoiding Responsibilities

Some of us have the habit of running away from responsibilities so that we do not have to deal with the consequences later on. But that sort of behavior is a big no when it comes to your workplace. You should take responsibility and show your bosses you are good at what you do!


These are just a few of the mistakes people tend to make. Be mindful and avoid them if you want to see growth in your career.


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