Blogging: 8 Organic ways to increase your blog’s followers


Blogging: Running out of strategies to increase blog followers? Well, we understand your struggle to keep up with the competition of the fast-paced digital world. Don’t worry! Even the best of the brands have experienced this hurdle of finding ways to increase their blog followers. 

While you always have the alternative of paid followers but these inorganic follower base doesn’t offer much of returns. Perhaps, it’s the organic blog traffic generation strategies that build a strong brand-customer relationships.

Being easy to implement, these strategies encourage a positive blog engagement. Such engagement not just opens up a brand-customer dialogue but also helps you to build a loyal customer base. 

Having said that, let’s explore some of these strategies.

Regular Blog Posts: Regular blog posts ensure that fresh content is uploaded on your blogs. Regular blog updates are known to attract readers and get better ranking on search engines. However, do not end up over posting. One blog post, once a week is enough. 

Cross-Platform Promotion: Cross blog promotion is a process of sharing your blog’s link on a brand’s social media handles. Such cross-platform promotion helps you to increase your blog post’s reach resulting in increased visibility. 

Stay Relevant: In quest of creativity, refrain from writing blogs on the irrelevant content. For instance, if you own a cosmetic brand, try to include topics pertaining to the cosmetic industry like celebrity beauty secrets or upcoming makeup trends. 

Guest Blogging: Guest blogging is an excellent way to increase your visibility by cross-blog promotion. Inviting industry experts to write a blog post creates an opportunity for you to connect with a wider target base. But, ensure that guest bloggers invited are relevant to your product.

Engaging Blog Titles: Instead of using the dull and long blog titles, try to create unique and engaging titles. It has been found that the creative titles sparking the reader’s interest score brownie points in increasing the blog traffic.

Keyword Usage: With SEO ruling the market, include strategic keywords in your blog titles as well as the blog’s content. Such keywords increase your chances of getting found by the reader browsing for things related to your product category.  

Structured Content: The easier you make it for your reader, the better are your chances of increasing the blog traffic. Hence, avoid long essay type article, use a structured content format by using elements like small paragraphs, photos, or bullet pointers.

Respond to Comments: In case a reader appreciates your blog, make it a point to thank him/her. Likewise, address the queries that are raised by your readers. Such discussions will build a dialogue that will certainly strengthen your brand image. 

While the list is endless, we hope these 8 strategies will prove beneficial in inspiring creative ideas to attract blog traffic.

Similarly, if you come across any more creative ideas for improving the blog followers, feel free to share them with us. 


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