7 Ways To Recognize The Foe Disguised As Friend

7 Ways To Recognize The Foe Disguised As Friend

We as human beings are social animals. We need other people around us to survive as sane living beings. This is exactly why we interact with people we like and call these special people friends. Just like a coin with two sides, there’s also people who don’t like you, are jealous of you or they might be angry at you. These people, who don’t want good things to happen to you, are known as enemies aka foes. So of your enemies go a step higher to ensure a life of hardship for you they disguise themselves as your friends? This is not true in all cases though, sometimes jealousy or anger is the reason when a friend turns foe.

Here Are 7 Ways To Recognize Such People:
  • Spotting the Enemy: People who wear such camouflages can be hard to recognize. Be wary of their comments and their attitude towards you. Never let your guard down.
  • How they make you feel: Remember you, yourself is the best decision maker when it comes to life. If being with a friend makes you sad, brings about depression, abstain from going out with such a friend.
  • How they affect you: Yes, friends criticize you but that criticism is always for the betterment of you but if your enemy (disguised as friend) criticizes you for everything , bringing in you a negative vibe, you should know at once that person is in no way your friend or well wisher.
  • How much negativity they spread: A person who doesn’t like you will basically fill your life with all the negativity he can put. He shall try to demine you, he shall try to spread rumors and do such stuff that will make life hell. If you come across friends like this beware, if you don’t leave them, peace shall leave you.
  • How they speak with you: People like these are in no way going to be rude with you they shall act in ways that make them fall into your sweet spot. So if someone is way more kind o you than usual do take a note and watch out.  These people are kind to you infront of you but have the habit of speaking behind your back.
  • The false Compliment provider:  Such  enemies disguised as friends are the worst kind to exist and they should cease to exist .These are the people who know if things you are doing is the wrong thing but instead, they compliment you, they make sure that you carry on doing such a thing that would ultimately harm you.
  • The one who uses your secrets: This is by far the best method to know the true identity of the person who claims to be your friend . Tell such people some false secrets that no one else knows. If the secret’s out you know who the culprit is.


It is impossible for us as humans to keep away from friends and as long as there are true friends, there shall be deceiving cheats but keep a sound mind and a clear head and choose your friends well.


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