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GCC Exchange and Bank of Philippine Islands (BPI) bring an exclusive promotion for our Filipino customers.
Not only can you remit at the best rate and low charges, but also win amazing prizes!
All transactions made to the Philippines during the promo period on the GCC Exchange mobile app and web portal can make you eligible to win prizes like
Samsung Galaxy A15 smartphones. The more transfers you make, the more likely you are to win.
Don’t miss out — every transaction counts. Make the best of your remittance experience with this golden opportunity.

Terms & Conditions


    Promo period: 1st June 2024 to 31st July 2024


    Eligible transactions: All cash payout and bank transfers made to any bank in the Philippines through the GCC Exchange mobile app and web portal are eligible to enter the lucky draws.

    Deira Branch

    Burdubai Branch

    Mall of Emirates Branch

    Deira City Centre Branch

    Jafza Branch

    Qusais Branch

    Al Khan Matajar Branch

    Al-Nadha Branch

    Sharjah Rolla Branch

    Korfakhan Branch

    Sharjah Kingfaisal Branch

    Rak – Jazira Branch

    Abu-Dhabi Electra Branch


    Prizes: 60 customers will win Samsung Galaxy A15 smartphones in the two lucky draws.


    Lucky draw dates:

    60 customers will win Samsung Galaxy A15 smartphones in the two lucky draws.

    1st draw : 4th July 2024


    2nd draw : 5th August 2024

    * *

    The customer must do a minimum of 2 transactions in 30 days (1st June 2024 to 31st June 2024) to be eligible to win Samsung Galaxy A15 smartphones.


    Transactions made through Western Union, RIA Money, Instant Cash or Transfast are not eligible for this promotion.


    Participants must have a valid UAE Resident Visa and an active account with GCC Exchange on the mobile app/web portal.


    Winners should collect the prizes within 40 days from the date of the lucky draw.


    GCC Exchange will never request the winners for payments of any kind to claim their prizes or ask for their bank account details and other confidential documents.


    The lucky draw will be conducted through an electronic randomizer in our office or at the Department of Economic Development by the DED officials.


    The prizes cannot be exchanged for cash.


    GCC Exchange is not responsible for the warranty, guarantee, and other quality assurances of the products.


    For any clarification, please contact us at 600 522 049 or mail us at with ‘GCC Exchange 60 Days, 60 Winners Promotion' in the subject line.