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Company Profile:

GCC Exchange is a fast-growing money transfer and foreign exchange brand for individuals and businesses having its presence in four continents such as Europe, Africa, Oceania and Asia besides the flagship entity in the UAE.

GCC Exchange started its journey back in 2005 with its first branch in UAE. In a short timeframe they have won over the hearts of their customers with their friendly and efficient employees, safe yet simple procedures and quality service. They are a leader in remittance business coupling low service charges with unmatched exchange rates enabling their customers to send money to their loved ones back home.

They have struck a chord with their business clients and their employees by disbursing timely wages and home remittances at low cost, they are one of the three top exchange houses trusted for salary processing. GCC Exchange is also connected to all major banks globally through SWIFT connectivity, which enables them seamless electronic fund transfers. They have also partnered with renowned Instant Money Transfer services such as MoneyGram, Trans-Fast, Xpress Money, IRemit, Instant Cash and their own product called GCC Remit. GCC Exchange has also recently launched Web TT service which allows customers to transfer money directly into their chosen accounts from their home/office.

GCC Exchange is a socially responsible business and committed to follow stringent AML (Anti-Money Laundering) policy to prevent fraudulent practices.

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