Reasons Why Spending on Experience is Better than Buying Things?

Spending on Experience is Better than Buying Things

Spending on experiences like travelling, eating, trekking, hiking and so on is more important than spending on materialistic things such as acquiring the latest phone, expensive dress etc. We often find ourselves indulging in fancy skin products, body products, expensive clothing and jewellery. But, is that all that matters?

Some of us are busy in collecting these materialistic possessions while others are busy planning solo trips. So, what makes the travelling experience worth spending? Why is it that spending on experiences is far better than sending on possessions?

  1. Make Memories – How enjoyable was it to buy the latest trending designer clothes last week? Do you even remember? Well, that is what investment in experience is all about. You would surely laugh at the fun you had last year in your vacation until next three years but this isn’t going to be the story with your materialistic possessions. Investing in experiences gives you stories to remember.
  2. Invaluable Happiness– Scientifically speaking, whatever you experience stays engraved in your mind. Investing in collecting good experiences could provide you invaluable happiness. The happiness of being able to buy an emerald ring is momentary. But, what you go through when you invest in a good experience is nothing but loads of happiness which is long lasting.
  3. New People – How are you even going to meet new people when you are not taking the pains of exploring? If mere clicks is going to drop packed boxes at your places, how are you going to make new friends? Investing in experiences gives you a chance to go out and explore. This allows you to know people, get closer and make them your friends. Meeting new people is always exciting. Isn’t it?
  4. Things to talk about – Nobody is interested in knowing the last expensive gift you gave to yourself! But, people are interested in knowing how fun was it to do river rafting. They want to know if your exploration over the newly opened restaurant was good or not. Investing on experiences gives you a lot to talk about. This opens the door to gel with people which otherwise could get a task to you.
  5. Immortality of Experiences – Whether your trekking was done last week, last month or last decade – it will be inked in your mind till you are alive. This is not with the case of materialistic possessions. The things you buy make you feel good until they are new. They lose their values when you buy something else more dearly.
  6. Experiences are Irreplaceable – Maybe your trip last year is not as good as the trip you had this year. Yet, both the experiences are completely unique to you. You cannot replace one experience with another. On the contrary, when you buy something for yourself, you can easily replace it with something better. The thing loses its value the.

Investing on experiences gives you things to cherish forever. While the happiness of acquiring a materialistic possession is short-lived, investing in experiences stays with you until you are alive.

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