6 Simple Ways of Dealing with a Bullying Boss without Risking Your Job

6 Simple Ways of Dealing with a Bullying Boss without Risking Your Job

A person practically spends at least one-third of his/her day in the workplace. And when you have to dedicate such a long time somewhere, it is necessary that the environment over there is at least non-troublesome if not friendly. It has been observed in a corporate culture that sometimes you encounter a tyrant boss, employer or senior who just satisfies his or her ego by bullying on you in some of the other ways. However, there are ways of dealing with this problem. Some of these are listed below:

Be Aware

There is a difference between bosses who would get a little harsh on their employees for getting the job done and simply bullies. It is better to identify that what category our boss falls in. Once you do that, you can take necessary steps to deal with him/her. Sometimes these traits are so subtle that you do not realize it until it’s too late. Observe whether this behavior is exclusively for you or it is the same with everyone.

Keep Your Records Clear

Your performance should be such that your boss doesn’t get a chance to accuse you of anything. Pay attention to details and review your assignments and projects a couple of times before submitting it to your boss. The better your performance is, the better chances are that if things get out of hand, you can go to higher authorities.

Leave Your Emotions at Home

Your workplace is not for entertaining your emotions. Moreover, a bully or a teaser is most likely to stop bothering you if you do not react to his or her comments or actions. The more you are affected by them, the more you feed their ego.

Tactfully talk to your boss

What would probably work is politely letting your boss know about the problem and ask for his help to work things out. The trick here is to acquire a tone which does not sound offensive or accusive. On the other hand, appreciate your boss for the qualities he/she does not actually possess but you want to him/her to acquire it. It works sometimes.

Ask for things in written

Now, this can again be a little tricky. If you have a boss who as a habit of repudiating on his own words, it is better to politely but firmly ask for a written order. Or you may email him/her the list of tasks he/she verbally asked you to complete and ask for his acknowledgment. This way, you have a documented proof of your boss’s orders.

Avoid being alone with your boss

Your senior also has an image to maintain. So more often than not, he/she would try to bully you when you are alone. Try to avoid such situations. Even if you land up in such circumstances, try to distract him/her with a work-related urgent matter or ask to excuse yourself for something that cannot be avoided or postponed.

Bullying bosses can make your work life miserable. Turning up to an HR can sometimes help cannot be the ultimate solution. You need to take a stand for yourself keeping in mind that none of your steps cause a jeopardy to your job

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